The amendment to Act CLVI of 2016 on State Functions Pertaining to the Development of Tourism Regions entered into effect on 1 January 2021. The amendment requires accommodation providers to store the data specified by law from accommodation service users in the data storage location designated by the Government for the purposes specified in the Act.

The hosting service provider specified by the Government is the Hungarian Tourism Agency (HTA).

The HTA’s hosting tasks introduced in the amendment are performed by the Closed Guest Information Database system (Vendég Információs Zárt Adatbázis, VIZA).

The accommodation provider uses the PMS connected to an ID scanner to submit separate guest data for each accommodation to the VIZA system, in electronic format. The data are forwarded by the storage space forwarding module integrated into the PMS.

The range of PMS able to communicate with the VIZA system and certified by the Hungarian Tourism Agency (HTA), as the hosting service provider designated by the Government, is continuously expanding. If you work in the production, sale or development of PMS in Hungary and would like to check whether your product can communicate with the VIZA system, please contact the customer service for software developers using the details provided.

The connection process

Connection consists of the following steps:


Please complete the datasheet for requesting a PMS−THF−VIZA test connection, which is required for accessing the developer’s test environment.


After the datasheet requesting a PMS−THF−VIZA test connection is received, you will be sent a reply containing information on how to access the test environment, your unique ID, the data submission (storage space forwarding) module to be installed, and the exact validation test process.



After submitting the datasheet for requesting a PMS−THF−VIZA test connection, download the developer’s guide

If you have any questions during the development process, please contact our technical assistance service.
Once you have completed your individual development and testing process, you will be required to complete a series of validation test cases. This consists of submitting a row of example messages in the test environment using the VIZA interface. After a successful test, the HTA issues a certificate, confirming that the software is eligible for submitting data to the VIZA system.

Configuration of the Property Management System (PMS)

The PMS is configured by the software manufacturer for accommodation providers. For certain systems, this may require on-site action. During the connection process, manufacturers are assigned a unique ID which must be used when setting up and configuring the data submission (storage space forwarding) module.

Certified softwares

In accommodations, only PMS with  a connection to an ID scanner may be used, provided that it operates in accordance with the requirements for submitting data to the VIZA system.

The accommodation service provider shall use the PMS to submit the data required by law for each accommodation site to the VIZA system, in electronic format and in encrypted form. The data are forwarded by the storage space forwarding module integrated into the PMS. The PMS maintains automatic network communication with the VIZA system using a secure channel.



Software with certificates issued by the Hungarian Tourism Agency for transferring data to the VIZA system:


Name of manufacturer or distributor Software name and version number Website
7Hills IT Kft. 7H NTAK Connector distributor's website
7x24 Central Hostel, Budapest, Hungary PBPMS 8.2.1 distributor's website
Appartman PMS Technologies Kft. Appartman distributor's website
Árpád Híd Ingatlan Kft. FIG TREE HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 7.0 distributor's website
Bit Soft HU Kft. BTS2VIZA distributor's website
Chrome-Soft Kft. Hotelgram distributor's website
Com-Passz Kft. Visual Hotel distributor's website
CTS Informatika Kft. CTS Szálláshely Nyilvántartó distributor's website
Digithotel Online Foglalás Kft. distributor's website
EleniSoft Hungary Kft. EleniSoft PMS distributor's website
FLEXYS Számítástechnikai Rendszerház Kft. Flexys Front-Office distributor's website
GAP Solutions Kft. RoomSoft distributor's website
GTSG Kft. GTSG HOTEL distributor's website
GUBSE AG SIHOT.PMS distributor's website
GuestGuru Kft. GuestGuru Online Vendégkönyv v2.2 distributor's website
HC DELTA KFT. EOSNTAK_v1.0 distributor's website
Hospitality and Retail Systems Kft. HRS VISA EXPORT Portal (Fidelio) distributor's website
Hospitality and Retail Systems Kft. HRS VISA EXPORT Portal (Opera) distributor's website
Hospitality and Retail Systems Kft. HRS VISA EXPORT Portal (Opera Cloud) distributor's website
HostWare Kft. HostWare FRO Szállodai front office programcsomag distributor's website
Hotelsystem Kft. Hotelsystem distributor's website
Indra Soluciones Tecnologias de la Información SLU TMSforHotels v6.3 distributor's website
Infor (Österreich) GmbH Infor HMS distributor's website
Maistro Kft. Maistro PMS distributor's website
Media Rooster Kft. distributor's website
OFIMATICA TSS S.L. OFIHOTEL distributor's website
Profit-X Kft. JPMS for Joomla distributor's website Kft. R3SERVER-H distributor's website
Rhino Computer Kft. Rhino Szálloda distributor's website
The Pass Kft. SabeeApp distributor's website
TMRW Kft. TMRW PMS distributor's website
Using kft. eRecepcios V2.0 distributor's website




PMS–THF–CDGI interface connection request form



PMS – THF – CDGI interfacing aid for developers.V6